Courses tagged with "Communication"

Set yourself apart from the pack by getting the essential soft skills--abilities that help people interact effectively with others--that employers value most, from communication fundamentals and being a team player to advancing your critical thinking skills.

Nº Courses: 11 | Effort: 12 hours | Price: From £12.95/month (10 day free trial)


Nº Courses: 4 | Length: 4 weeks per course | Effort: 3 hours/week | Institution: The Open University

Platform: FutureLearn

Make more engaging presentations!

Nº Courses: 12 | Effort: 20h 47m | Price: From £12.95/month (10 day free trial)


Presentation skills are critical to success in nearly every occupation. Learn how to plan, organize, and deliver more polished and compelling presentations.

Nº Courses: 3 | Effort: 5 hours | Price: From £12.95/month (10 day free trial)


Teams are increasingly relied upon as the primary means for getting work done in an organization. And the best work comes from teams who can collaborate effectively. This path helps managers and employees learn the key skills required for effective collaboration.

Nº Courses: 9 | Effort: 11 hours | Price: From £12.95/month (10 day free trial)


Knowing how to hold efficient and effective meetings is a key aspect of making projects or activities successful.

Length: Approximately 1 hour | Price: £30.00 + VAT

Platform: Virtual College

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable as individuals will often have different needs, ideas, beliefs and values. If managed constructively, conflict can have a positive outcome, leading to better decision making and fuelling creativity and innovation.

Length: Approximately 3 hours | Price: £30.00 + VAT

Platform: Virtual College

By completing this course you will understand the correct way to deal with complaints, as the way complaints are handled is key to providing early resolution and avoiding escalation.

Length: Approximately 1-2 hours | Price: £30.00 + VAT

Platform: Virtual College

Length: 4 weeks| Effort: 2-3 hours/week| Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Platform: Coursera

Length: 6 weeks | Effort: 10 hours per week | Institution: Thunderbird School of Global Management

Platform: edX