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E-Learninglab is a platform for individuals and organisations to find, track and record ALL learning.


              • E-Learninglab helps you track and curate the best online courses from the best course providers.

              • E-Learninglab allows you to get recognition for all your learning.

              • E-Learninglab helps you become an expert in your field.


              • E-Learninglab helps you transform your employees into experts.

              • E-Learninglab helps you find the best online courses to suit the needs of your employees.

              • E-Learninglab allows you to see what your employees know.

e-learninglab is an education technology company which provides custom e-learning solutions for staff development.

The implementation of staff training can be costly and very time-consuming for businesses. e-learninglab takes away both the cost and the hard work by connecting you to quality online skills training that has been carefully selected for your company’s needs at a fraction of the usual cost. You benefit from established online programs and learning management systems provided by leading institutions. In addition you have the option to keep track of your staff’s progress, set up your own support forums and provide your own mentorship and assignments through our gateway.

Bespoke Online Training Programs

The skills gap is a major concern for today's businesses, and employers are facing particular challenges finding people with the right skills, whether it be science and technology skills or soft skills such as communication and advanced leadership. As well as bringing new employees into the workforce, there is a need for re-skilling the existing talent pool to align with the skills needed for companies to realize the business plans, productivity gains and organizational efficiencies that they aspire to.

The "one size fits all" approach is not an effective training approach when addressing specific skills shortages within an organization. By identifying your needs and budget, e-learninglab creates a bespoke training program using the latest and best instructional content available online.

Top Institutions

With several years' experience in the field of online education, we know which providers and institutions offer the highest quality online courses which are best suited to training your staff.

Our custom-made training programs are made up of courses provided by top institutions with either self-paced or instructor-led online courses in Skills Development, Professional Development and Career advancement.

Based on your requirements, we select the courses to build a bespoke training pathway that will provide and/or build on the necessary skills in a particular area to ensure your employees reach the required level of proficiency.

Affordable & Effective Online Training

The growing skills gap means that employee training is becoming more of a priority for companies and investing in the continued professional development of employees is beneficial for both employee morale and for the corporation’s bottom line.

E-learning has seen considerable growth in professional skills training as it offers a viable option for tailored training solutions while considerably reducing the costs that would normally be associated with classroom training. Investing in online training programs also means that learning doesn't have to encroach on valuable time that could have been spent on other work, making it a far more flexible option than more traditional training methods. With e-learning, we can offer training anytime anywhere making it easily accessible to employees who can learn at their own pace.

The rise in open and low-cost quality education available online means that it is now possible to close the skills gap with a very high Return on Investment. E-learninglab provides the knowledge and expertise to design robust custom training programs, giving our clients an effective and affordable solution for their training needs.

What makes e-learninglab different?

We provide a low-cost alternative solution to your staff training needs by dramatically reducing your training costs and improving employee performance.

  • We keep our costs low by curating high quality online courses that are available online at no or very little cost.

  • With our expertise and knowledge, we work with you to develop bespoke skills development programs based on your specific needs by selecting the best free and low-cost online resources from top online educators, ensuring high quality training with effective results.

  • We set up a personalised online training environment tailored to your needs, giving your employees direct access to the course content and use of interactive learning tools while giving you the tools to track and measure your employee performance in real-time.

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